Don’t let your hubcap purchase leave you out in the cold!

If you need a replacement hubcap or centercap you probably will start by going to your local junkyard or car dealership. Most times the junkyard will not have it or they will take your name and say that they will call you when the hubcap comes in, but they never call you. The car dealership can get a brand new hubcap or center cap but the price is through the roof! If you check ebay you may find it but most times you will run into inexperienced home sellers who have no clue what they are doing or will just sell you total junk. (or you will never get it and have to put a claim in) Here at TheShinyWheel.Com we have high quality hubcaps and centercaps in stock for fast delivery. If you are not sure what you need or have any technical questions we can help you. Visit us today!


About Hubcaps And Center Caps

We notice that many people are confused when they order replacement center caps and hubcaps for their cars. There are so many different wheels, sizes, and finishes. The most common problem when ordering center caps online is not knowing which finish is on your wheel. You have to be careful because some wheels are chrome, high polished aluminum to look like chrome, painted silver, machined alloy, and many others. Here at the ShinyWheel.Com we want to make sure that you receive the correct center cap to match your wheel exactly. If you need help just ask us and we can tell you what you need!

Purchasing Center Caps Online

Many people searching for replacement center caps online don’t realize that it is very important to make sure that all of the mounting clips are present and in good shape on the back of the center cap. Some hubcap companies sell their center caps at low prices and try to get away with selling broken or damaged center caps. If any of the clips on the back are broken or missing, the center cap will fall off of the wheel in a very short time. Here at TheShinyWheel.Com we never sell hubcaps with damaged or missing mounting clips. If you see prices from other companies that look too good to be true, make sure you find out what you are really buying!

Tips On Buying Replacement Centercaps

Many customers seemed to get confused when buying hubcaps and center for their vehicles. They don’t realize that there are more than one type of wheel used for each model year. Many times there are two to four different wheels used on the same vehicle model year. Some have different sizes and finishes. It is important to recognize this when buying replacement hubcaps and center caps for your car or truck. The best way to determine which wheel that you have is to first find out the wheel size by looking at the markings on the side of the tire. Then you should determine if your wheels are chrome, silver alloy, or silver painted. When you go to the dealer or are checking online, take a look at the part number on the back of your existing wheel centercaps or hubcaps. Then you can try to match the part number when shopping. Many hubcap stores like TheShinyWheel.Com will be happy to take a look at a picture of your wheel or hubcap and help you determine which hubcap that you need.